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Rue Mistral

Rue Mistral  South Shore  |  City of Brossard

Triplexes on Mistral in Brossard.

For rentals and other related inquires please contact: 
Phone no.  514-482-2763 

Brossard (English pronunciation: /brɒˈsɑr/ or /brɒˈsɑrd/, French pronunciation: ​[bʁɔsaʁ], local pronunciation: [bʁɔsɑːʁ] or [bʁɔsɑɔ̯ʁ]) is a municipality in the Montérégie region of Quebec, Canada and is part of the Greater Montreal area. According to the 2011 census, Brossard's population was 79,273. Prior to 2006, Brossard was formerly a borough of the municipality of Longueuil

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